Imps Building Stages

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Imps Building Stages

Post by Mymosa »

QL1-49: Will not bump (not even if you have 5000 NP)
QL50-99: 1 QL bump per cluster if you have enough NP
QL100-149: 2 QLs per cluster
QL150-199: 3 QLs per cluster (well, obviously you can't bump a ql199 more than one QL..)
QL201-249: 4 QLs per cluster
QL250-299: 5 QLs per cluster
(Basically it's the QL of the implant, divided by 50 and rounded down..)

Shiny clusters will require 300 NP above the requirement to bump the implant by 1 QL. 600 NP to bump it 2 QLs, 900 to bump it 3 QLs.. etc..
Bright clusters will require 200 NP above the requirements to bump the implant by 1 QL, 400 for 2, 600 for 3... etc..
Faded clusters will require 100 NP above the requirements to bump the implant by 1 QL, 200 for 2, 300 for 3.. etc..

So yes, there is a way to know exactly how many QLs an implant will bump.

Finaly remembered to put that up as promised to Ayi or Tudes, can't remember which one of you guys was it. Sorry it took so long.
And, just as info, is taken from the awesome AOFroobs forum, here clicky.
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Re: Imps Building Stages

Post by Ayianna »

Well wasn't me but good info to know  ;)
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