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PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2004 9:55 am 

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This an auctual file I have on my desktop. I'm not happy with the results, but I don't have everything I could posiably be using. As soon as I get those items I'll be redoing this file with higher numbers.
I use an agility based implant scheme. Mainly because agility is the most common stat req for implants. The side effect is that treatment uses agility as a base stat... so that helps out. I also added in sense, and int imps for the purpose of getting the most bang for my buck.

But as you can see... alot can be done with just implants alone, and a few of the items I currently have. I'll be working (eventualy) on getting suplment items. Items like the bio cloak/helm, a treatment library, and any other items that may fall into my lap...

Level 100 NT implant twinking

FA 2

2 VTE's
Med suit

Comp nano, atribute

Implant set up::
147-152 leg agility, evade clsc
149-152 Head treatment, sense
166-170 eye treatment
177-180 Feet agility
178-181 Rhand assault Rif, Treatment
176-189 waist Duck exp, agility
183-190 Chest Sense, 2hB
176-190 Ear Concealment, Inteligence

Now we start all over... with higher Imps this time =-D
At this extreame of the imp twinking spectrum we become very limited in what we can handle

179-184 Leg agility, evade Clsc
171-174 Head Treatment, sense
179-182 eye Treatment
184-194 Feet Agility
178-186 Rhand Treatment
186-193 Waist Duck exp agility (I stoped at this point because it seemed a little redudent)

The last imps to be put in would be the specific imps needed. in this case Run speed, any and all evades I can put in there, and most importantly Matter Create for a NT. The highest imps on the way up that was calculated is what will be posiable to put in. As long as the treatment clusters in the eye and the Rhand stay put. If those clusters are removed then the QL of the head imp will fall drasticaly. The head implant in this case would be the last implant to be put in. (MC and treat are in the same spot in the head imp)

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