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Author:  Tippy [ Wed Oct 06, 2004 8:14 am ]
Post subject:  Hello!

My husband, I and a friend are interested in joining your org. We have been in Legends of High Society and while we love the folks there, we aren't getting enough content. I believe Ahlli will vouch for us...??? :wink:

You can find us online with Tippyadvent, Burmed, Tippylulu, Chormious, those would be the main ones we will be under. I'm taking some names and adding them to friends so maybe I'll catch someone on before I go to bed.

Tippyadvent is a 133 adventurer, Burmed is a 133 doc, those are the ones we play the most. We also have a 133'ish nt and fixer, we'd like to put all of our chars in with you guys if we may. Have heard alot of really good things about the org and looking foward to joining you guys if you'll have us...*note*...please don't listen to anything bad that Ahlli person may of said, lies, all lies I tell ya! hehe

We are in like flin...:)

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